McKinley Irvin Blogs from August 2017

  • Do Divorce Rates Spike After Summer Vacation?

    Do Divorce Rates Spike After Summer Vacation? Some things are more popular during different times of the year. Hot cocoa is better during the winter, pool parties are more fitting in July, and, according to research, divorce is most common after summer ends. While this may seem far-fetched, it can make sense if you think about typical family dynamics and rituals throughout the year. Find out how divorce filings spike each year during March and August, and what it might mean. The Research This study, conducted by sociologists at the University of Washington , studied 14 ...
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  • The Risks of Online Divorce Services

    The Risks of Online Divorce Services After you and your spouse have decided to divorce, the next step is customarily to select your respective lawyers and figure out how to proceed. However, in our modern-day society where technology is used as a shortcut for nearly every possible service, there are new online legal options available. The major selling points of online divorce services, including lower prices and in-home convenience, can be tempting indeed and may seem like a great way to fulfill your current legal necessities. However, using online legal ...
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