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  • 3 Tips for Estate Planning After a Divorce

    3 Tips for Estate Planning After a Divorce Divorce is a life-changing experience on a personal level, but it can also have a huge impact legally and financially. After the divorce process is through, there is still the very important matter of your estate plan. Chances are, as a married couple, you and your spouse shared an estate plan for your joined assets. Once you’re divorced, it is crucial that you have those documents altered. Once you’ve finalized your divorce, you should take the following steps to protect your assets and revise your estate plan. 1. Revoke ...
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  • Attorney Amy Cross Joins McKinley Irvin

    Attorney Amy Cross Joins McKinley Irvin McKinley Irvin is delighted to welcome our newest attorney, Amy Cross, to our Portland office. Not only is she a formidable family law attorney, Amy also brings years of experience in estate planning and elder law to the firm. With over 17 years of experience, Amy is a respected attorney in the region’s family law community, having spent the past 11 years serving the Portland area as a solo family law and estate planning practitioner. She is respected by her clients and peers for her strength of character, kindness, and ...
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  • How Different Types of Assets are Valued in a Divorce

    How Different Types of Assets are Valued in a Divorce One of the most important, and often contentious, aspects of divorce is the division of assets. For a marital estate to be divided equitably, each asset must be assigned an accurate monetary value. While this may seem straightforward for some assets (cash, for example), the task can become much more complex for other types of assets. It takes more than knowledge of the current dollar value of an asset to divide the asset properly; a thorough understanding of the asset’s liquidity and potential tax implications is also ...
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  • Am I Entitled to My Ex's Retirement Benefits?

    Am I Entitled to My Ex's Retirement Benefits? Contemplating a divorce in Oregon? There are a number of factors that will have to be considered, including division of assets and debts . While many people think of the house, car, and personal items when they think of assets, there are other types of assets that are subject to division as well. Did you know that things like investments, stock options, business interests, pensions, and retirement funds are considered marital property in the same way that a house and bank account are? You may be entitled to a share of: ...
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  • Business Owners: Divorce Could Put Your Business At Risk

    Business Owners: Divorce Could Put Your Business At Risk When business owners and entrepreneurs get divorced, what is already a difficult process can get even more complicated. More than your marriage is on the line. But, there are ways to lessen the damage. Get the facts.
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  • Legal Separation or Divorce?

    Legal Separation or Divorce? Many couples live apart before seeking an official divorce. In Oregon, these couples can file for legal separation – a motion that allows them to remain married while pursing separate lives. Divorce and legal separation may seem like the same thing, but they come with certain benefits and drawbacks. “Why should I consider legal separation instead of divorce?” Most couples choose legal separation for financial reasons. The primary difference between dissolution of marriage and legal separation is the latter allows the couples ...
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