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  • Grandparents’ Rights in Oregon

    Grandparents’ Rights in Oregon For some children, their grandparents play a much larger role in their lives than their biological parents. If the children’s parents refuse to allow the grandparents adequate time to visit and spend time with them, it can cause serious strain on this important and unique familial relationship. Although grandparents aren’t entitled to the same privileges as parents when it comes to matters like visitation and custody of their grandchildren, they can petition the court for visitation rights. They can attempt to prove they ...
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  • Relocation & Child Custody Orders in Oregon

    Relocation & Child Custody Orders in Oregon If the custodial parent in the state of Oregon wants to move out of state, then they will need to file for modifications to any court-ordered custody agreements , as well as demonstrate that relocating will benefit the children and not just the parent. Convincing a judge that moving out of Oregon would be more beneficial than remaining in the state can be a challenge, especially if the co-parent disputes the move. Do Courts Frown on Out of State Relocation? In general, moving within a certain distance from the other parent’s ...
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  • 5 Tips for Meaningful Visitation with Your Kids

    5 Tips for Meaningful Visitation with Your Kids Sharing parenting responsibilities can be difficult, especially if you are only allowed a limited amount of time with your children. Not all parents share custody of their children equally. In many cases, one parent is awarded primary custody while the other parent is granted scheduled visitation rights. Visitation schedules aren’t always easy, and, as a parent, you may feel responsible for making each visit more important than the last. These planned visits can vary greatly depending on the court’s orders and the schedules ...
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  • 5 Things You Need To Document for Your Child Custody Case

    5 Things You Need To Document for Your Child Custody Case Issues of child custody can be complicated and challenging, especially if you and your ex do not see eye to eye. In order to make sure you have the best possible chance of obtaining the child custody arrangement you want, it’s absolutely necessary to prepare for your case ahead of time. When it comes to family law matters, what you need to do is gather the appropriate documents to present before the court. Showing the judge tangible proof of your bond with your child and your capabilities as a parent is crucial. Before you ...
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  • Can Legal Cannabis Use Affect Child Custody?

    Can Legal Cannabis Use Affect Child Custody? With the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Oregon in 2015, many new questions have popped up in reference to its use. As a result, parents throughout Oregon, and beyond, are wondering whether their legal use of marijuana could affect their child custody case. Custody battles can get vicious, which is why it’s important to evaluate every weak spot in your defenses before you begin any type of legal case with your child’s other parent. Whether you legally use cannabis or your child’s other parent does, make sure you ...
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  • What You Need to Know About International Child Custody

    What You Need to Know About International Child Custody Child custody cases are never easy, but if you and your co-parent live in different countries, dealing with joint custody or visitation can be quite complicated. The U.S. Census Bureau tells us that international marriages are becoming more and more common, which means there will be more children born of parents from different countries. Our modern society has become much more global, which can be beneficial for several reasons, but it presents very specific challenges in child custody cases. Joint physical custody could be ...
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  • 8 Reasons Parents Can Lose Custody

    8 Reasons Parents Can Lose Custody If you and your ex are dealing with a custody matter , you might be worried about losing time with your children, or potentially losing custody altogether. Thankfully, courts are usually hesitant to award sole custody to one parent over the other, but it can happen in certain circumstances. Oregon courts favor co-parenting whenever possible because ample research has supported the theory that children thrive best when they can have relationships with both parents. Courts want to keep parents involved in their child’s life, ...
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  • Understanding the Differences Between Custody and Parenting Time

    Understanding the Differences Between Custody and Parenting Time If you are going through a divorce or your parenting agreement is going through major changes, it is essential that you understand the differences between child custody and parenting time (which is also often referred to as visitation). There are many ways in which parents may choose to co-parent their kids, some of which involve one parent retaining custody, or both parents sharing custody. Whatever the situation, knowing what role you play in your child’s life, from a legal and a personal perspective, is extremely ...
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