Are People Happier After Divorce?

Posted on May 19, 2015 10:40am

Whether you were relieved to have finally gathered all the paperwork or were blindsided by your spouse’s filing, divorce can be an overwhelming obstacle to overcome. Even when you are eager about the prospect of life after divorce, it can be intimidating to emerge into life post-divorce. You have to make new habits, new routines, new patterns, and even new relationships.

Enjoying a happier life after divorce may seem impossible for some and easily attainable for others. However, it is never always that simple. Even those who can’t wait to feel the freedom of divorce can struggle to maintain happiness after everything has settled. Likewise, the person who dreads the process may find that their divorce leads them to a much happier, more fulfilling life. Your happiness following a divorce will largely depend on your actions. Being proactive and taking steps to secure the future you want is just as important after a divorce as it was going into your marriage in the first place.

Read the following tips to get a better idea of how you can prepare to pursue your happiness following a divorce.

Coming Up with Your Next Act

While it may seem strange, making a plan or “next act” for your happiness is important. Approaching your new-found freedom and post-divorce life with a clear focus of what you want and how you will achieve it is crucial. With this focus ahead of you, moving through the messy process can be more manageable. Planning what you want your life to look like after your divorce can also help you get more excited about your future possibilities rather than dwell on your past relationship.

Rediscovering Your Priorities

When you begin your marriage, your priorities and daily focus usually shift. Similarly, when you get a divorce, you should strive to rediscover those priorities and passions you used to be so excited about. Whether that means spending time with your best friend or engaging in a new hobby, rediscovering priorities that don’t connect to your former spouse can go a long way in helping you uncover a happier, more authentic life. Instead of worrying about managing your spouse’s priorities and subsequent happiness, you can now solely focus on your own.

Keeping Your Future & Focus Positive

Though you never want to be fake or shut off other emotions, doing your best to remain positive and keep your focus on your happier future can help you discover it more quickly. Embrace your sadness, mourn the loss of your relationship, and move on. Keeping your gaze ahead towards happiness can help you dispel the desire for revenge, emotional frustrations, or any other toxic energy that may bring down your “next act”.

Remember, you are not alone. Thousands of other individuals are trying to find their happiness following ended relationships and can be the support you need during this time. Even engaging your own emotions through meditation can be a great method for connecting with your path to happiness.

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