McKinley Irvin Blogs from March 2015

  • How a Team Approach Can Lower Your Divorce Costs

    How a Team Approach Can Lower Your Divorce Costs When it comes to filing for divorce, a team approach can save time and money. While an amicable divorce is not realistic for every couple, having a team on your side during the divorce process remains important. At McKinley Irvin, our legal team works together to obtain the best possible outcome for each client. When you work with us, you will have a complete team of legal professionals working for your best interests. This includes: Legal Assistants & Paralegals Paralegals and assistants are often responsible for ...
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  • Divorce with Business Assets

    Divorce is difficult enough as it is, but if you and your partner started a business together, these complications become magnified. By law, you and your spouse may share certain assets and, in the event of a divorce, either spouse is eligible to receive some share when those assets are divided. There are many considerations to make in a divorce concerning your children, your finances and debts, and how you and your spouse intend to plan for the future and beyond. If you foresee any potential issues with the business that ...
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  • Legal Separation or Divorce?

    Legal Separation or Divorce? Many couples live apart before seeking an official divorce. In Oregon, these couples can file for legal separation – a motion that allows them to remain married while pursing separate lives. Divorce and legal separation may seem like the same thing, but they come with certain benefits and drawbacks. “Why should I consider legal separation instead of divorce?” Most couples choose legal separation for financial reasons. The primary difference between dissolution of marriage and legal separation is the latter allows the couples ...
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  • Assets the Court Doesn't Divide in a Divorce

    Assets the Court Doesn't Divide in a Divorce Oregon is an equitable distribution state; at the end of your marriage, the court will equitably (fairly) divide marital property between you and your spouse. By law, fair may not equate equal. How Do I Determine Which Assets Are Exempt from Division in Divorce? While the court assumes most of your property is marital property, certain items are exempt from division. By law, any property acquired in the duration of your marriage is “marital property” and subject to division, unless it is a gift or inheritance . These items ...
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  • What to Expect if Your Divorce Goes to Trial

    What to Expect if Your Divorce Goes to Trial If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, you may hope to resolve most – if not all – legal issues outside of a trial. While avoiding a trial has its benefits, your case may inevitably go to trial if you and your spouse cannot reach a viable divorce agreement. Avoiding trial is simply not realistic for all couples, especially those seeking a divorce that involves a high level of conflict. Many couples must go through divorce litigation to resolve some or all of their issues. Having a divorce lawyer is crucial during this ...
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