McKinley Irvin Blogs from 2015

  • What to Expect in Divorce Court

    What to Expect in Divorce Court Many people who face divorce proceedings for the first time are often apprehensive about divorce court because they don’t know what to expect. This fear of the unknown can be unpleasant, which is why we feel strongly that preparing clients with what to expect can make a divorce hearing less stressful. The following will explain what happens in a divorce court from the start of a case to its finish. While most divorce cases are settled outside of court, sometimes going to trial is the best option to protect your interests and ...
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  • 5 Factors Specific to Getting a Divorce in Oregon

    Divorce processes differ from state to state. In most cases, issues such as child custody, spousal support, spousal alimony, and property division do not differ tremendously. However, it is important to understand the specific processes that apply to your state. To help you understand divorce process and issues in the state of Oregon, we have answered 5 questions, which can be found below: 1. Is Oregon a No-Fault State? Yes. Oregon is a no-fault state, meaning a spouse wishing to divorce does not have to state the specific ...
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  • 4 Serious Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Divorce

    You have chosen to go your separate ways and file for divorce. This time can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, and you may feel that all you want to do is get the divorce done and over with. However, during a divorce you make decisions, and sometimes mistakes, that will affect your life years into the future. Here are 4 common mistakes often made during divorce, and how to avoid them. Failing to understand finances Whether you have your own job, or you stay at home and take care of the house and family, failing to ...
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  • 3 McKinley Irvin Attorneys Listed in 2015 Oregon Super Lawyers

    3 McKinley Irvin Attorneys Listed in 2015 Oregon Super Lawyers We are proud to announce today that three attorneys from the firm’s Portland office have been selected to the 2015 Oregon Super Lawyers and Rising Stars list. Each year, only five percent of all attorneys in the state are selected as Super Lawyers and 2.5 percent are included as Rising Stars. This year more than half (14) of McKinley Irvin’s practicing attorneys in Oregon and Washington joined the 2015 lists – topping last year’s firm record of 11 attorneys recognized as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars. The following ...
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  • How Mental Illness Affects the Divorce Process

    How Mental Illness Affects the Divorce Process When your spouse is dealing with a mental health issue, it can become a shared struggle – and one that can sometimes lead to divorce. In fact, a study published in 2011 on marriage, divorce and mental disorders linked 18 mental disorders to an increased divorce rate. Divorcing a spouse with a mental illness or disorder is a complex decision. Sometimes, it even involves helping your spouse get properly diagnosed and treated before focusing on the logistics of legal separation. Whether mental illness is a factor in your ...
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  • Are People Happier After Divorce?

    Whether you were relieved to have finally gathered all the paperwork or were blindsided by your spouse’s filing, divorce can be an overwhelming obstacle to overcome. Even when you are eager about the prospect of life after divorce, it can be intimidating to emerge into life post-divorce. You have to make new habits, new routines, new patterns, and even new relationships. Enjoying a happier life after divorce may seem impossible for some and easily attainable for others. However, it is never always that simple. Even those who ...
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  • Does Infidelity Affect Divorce in Oregon?

    First, it is important to understand that Oregon is a no-fault divorce state. This means that there are no “grounds” required for divorce. In many ways, this will impact how infidelity is viewed by the court. Since the state no longer considers a spouse’s misconduct as a cause of divorce (only irreconcilable differences), the goal of the court is not to “point fingers” at a guilty party, but to resolve the divorce according to the laws. Going even further, the court does not allow for spouses to testify about negative ...
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  • Creating a Realistic Long-Distance Parenting Plan

    Creating a Realistic Long-Distance Parenting Plan If you have children with your ex-spouse and live a distance from each other, establishing a workable parenting plan is likely one of the most important issues you will negotiate in your case. When it comes to co-parenting, protecting the best interest of your child is vital. In fact, the court will not make a decision based on your interests or the wishes of your spouse – only the best interests of your child. Tips for creating an effective co-parenting plan: Maintain Regular Visits A good parenting plan involves contact ...
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