Do I Have to Pay Child Support with Joint Custody?

Do I Have to Pay Child Support with Joint Custody?

When you and your former spouse are granted joint custody of your child, you might assume that you will not be responsible for child support payments. After all, the more time a parent has with a child, the less they should need to pay, right?

While this may seem reasonable, joint custody does not mean that there won’t be a child support obligation, as another element in determining child support orders is the income of both parents.

Even if the child(ren) spend time living with both parents, one parent will typically still owe the other some amount of child support since it is highly unlikely that both parents make exactly the same amount and spend the exact same amount of time with the child. Even if both parents do spend the same amount of time with their child, the parent who earns more will likely still have to pay child support as calculated by Oregon state child support guidelines.

The main purpose of child support is to ensure that the child is adequately provided for, regardless of which parent they live with. The court will consider expenses that parents will incur in supporting their child, including the costs of any special needs, daycare, education, and health insurance. The court will also consider the age of the child and the number of children each parent has to support when making a determination.

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