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Legal Separation vs. Divorce in Oregon

When a marriage breaks down, most couples decide to divorce, a process which legally and completely dissolves the marital union. There is another option, however, that is less common but may be more beneficial in certain circumstances. That option is legal separation.

When to Choose Legal Separation

When getting a divorce, all benefits and tax breaks will end once the marriage is dissolved. Two parties who no longer want to spend their lives together, but also do not want to give up the legal and financial benefits of marriage or who have strong convictions against divorce, may instead decide to pursue a legal separation.

Legal separation allows two parties to live their lives completely separate from one another (including separate financial accounts) while still receiving the insurance, retirement, and tax benefits of legal marriage.

Legal Separation as a Divorce "Trial Period"

Once a legal separation has been obtained, generally the parties may convert the judgment of legal separation to a judgment of dissolution of the marriage within two years of entry of the judgment of legal separation. Since this is the case, many couples choose to get a legal separation as a "trial period" to find out whether they are ready to end their marriage and live their separate lives. If you are considering legal separation, do not hesitate to consult a Portland divorce attorney at our firm.

Find Out Whether Legal Separation Is Right for You

Not everyone is ready to get a divorce right away. Likewise, not everyone wants to get a divorce at all. If you and your spouse are ready to go your separate ways, but still want to keep the insurance, retirement, and tax benefits of marriage, we can help you understand the affects and implications of a legal separation.

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