MAY 14 – De Facto Parenting: Understanding Local Laws – Tacoma

When: 5/14/2014 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Where: 1201 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma (in the Wells Fargo Building), Conference Room 5C, Fountain Court Level

What: McKinley Irvin associate Elizabeth Hoffman will provide an overview of the evolving law of de facto parentage in Washington State. She will cover the history of the doctrine, from its adoption by the Supreme Court in the 2005 case In re the Custody of L.B. to the Court’s most recent opinions in In re Custody of A.F.J. and In re the Custody of B.M.H. This will include a discussion of each factor of the doctrine as applied and interpreted in past de facto cases, and how to identify and litigate de facto cases under the current case law.

Cost: Free

Credit: 1 credit

Register: Please RSVP to this event by sending you name and bar number to