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  • Relocation & Child Custody Orders in Oregon

    Relocation & Child Custody Orders in Oregon If the custodial parent in the state of Oregon wants to move out of state, then they will need to file for modifications to any court-ordered custody agreements , as well as demonstrate that relocating will benefit the children and not just the parent. Convincing a judge that moving out of Oregon would be more beneficial than remaining in the state can be a challenge, especially if the co-parent disputes the move. Do Courts Frown on Out of State Relocation? In general, moving within a certain distance from the other parent’s ...
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  • Relocating After a Divorce: Potential Legal Issues

    Relocating After a Divorce: Potential Legal Issues If either you or your ex-spouse plans to move to a different town, state, or country after your divorce, you need to consider the legal implications before you make any big changes. It’s understandable if you want to spread your wings and start fresh, move closer to family, or take a new job somewhere else. However, as tempting as this idea may be, it’s important to think about how relocating could affect your life post-divorce. If you are relocating with children , the change could be far more complex than you think. Before ...
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  • Should I Move Out During the Divorce?

    Should I Move Out During the Divorce? Who Usually Stays in the Family Home? When couples divorce , they should anticipate many significant changes in their lives. One of the biggest things is who gets to stay in the home and who should move out. During a divorce, the typical custom is for one spouse to move out, while the other resides in their shared home, at least until permanent plans can be arranged. If either spouse wishes to keep the house, they may choose to negotiate a trade during property division, forfeiting other assets in favor of the home. And, in ...
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  • What You Need to Know About International Child Custody

    What You Need to Know About International Child Custody Child custody cases are never easy, but if you and your co-parent live in different countries, dealing with joint custody or visitation can be quite complicated. The U.S. Census Bureau tells us that international marriages are becoming more and more common, which means there will be more children born of parents from different countries. Our modern society has become much more global, which can be beneficial for several reasons, but it presents very specific challenges in child custody cases. Joint physical custody could be ...
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  • Relocating with Your Child After Divorce

    Relocating with Your Child After Divorce There are several reasons why a divorced parent may wish to relocate with their child. He or she may have a new job opportunity that will put them in a better financial position. Or they may wish to remarry or move to an area that is closer to extended family. Whatever the reason, however, divorced parents can’t just pack up and move as easily as most people. They must first consider how the relocation will affect child custody and visitation arrangements. Can I relocate with my child? In Oregon, custodial parents are ...
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  • Creating a Realistic Long-Distance Parenting Plan

    Creating a Realistic Long-Distance Parenting Plan If you have children with your ex-spouse and live a distance from each other, establishing a workable parenting plan is likely one of the most important issues you will negotiate in your case. When it comes to co-parenting, protecting the best interest of your child is vital. In fact, the court will not make a decision based on your interests or the wishes of your spouse – only the best interests of your child. Tips for creating an effective co-parenting plan: Maintain Regular Visits A good parenting plan involves contact ...
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