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  • How is Spousal Support Calculated?

    How is Spousal Support Calculated? Once you and your spouse decide to file for divorce, you might be concerned about how spousal support payments might work for or against you. If you made significantly less than your spouse, or if you do not work at all, you’ll most likely rely on those support payments until you’re able to earn a more substantial income on your own. On the other hand, if you were the main breadwinner in your marriage, you might be concerned about how you will afford to make payments to your soon-to-be ex. Whether you hope to receive or pay ...
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  • Can You Appeal Alimony?

    Can You Appeal Alimony? If you’ve just finalized your divorce and you pay or receive alimony, you might be wondering if you can appeal the court’s decision. Fortunately, the Oregon legal system understands, for the most part, that circumstances change, and alimony payments may need to be likewise adjusted. If you think you may be paying an unfair amount in alimony, or if you think you should be receiving more from your ex, you may have cause to petition the court for an appeal to have your alimony orders modified. However, obtaining an appeal for ...
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  • How to Divide Retirement Assets in a Divorce

    How to Divide Retirement Assets in a Divorce Planning for your retirement is a responsible, forward-thinking move, but those assets can be tricky to contend with if you and your spouse get divorced. Oregon is an equitable distribution state, which means all marital assets are subject to division in a way that is fair and equitable. In other words, couples who share retirement assets may need to split those assets when their marriage ends. However, dividing assets is rarely as simple as a 50/50 split. If either you or your spouse have any retirement assets to speak of, ...
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  • How To Protect Your Privacy During a Divorce

    How To Protect Your Privacy During a Divorce A divorce can have a significant impact on your life in many ways, but have you considered how it might also affect your privacy? Most people going through a divorce want to keep their personal lives as private as possible. In order to protect your privacy during the divorce process, consider implementing these defensive strategies. Stay Off Social Media In our modern age, everything somehow finds its way into the digital world. While this can be extremely beneficial when you gather your financial documents and other ...
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  • 5 Tips for Meaningful Visitation with Your Kids

    5 Tips for Meaningful Visitation with Your Kids Sharing parenting responsibilities can be difficult, especially if you are only allowed a limited amount of time with your children. Not all parents share custody of their children equally. In many cases, one parent is awarded primary custody while the other parent is granted scheduled visitation rights. Visitation schedules aren’t always easy, and, as a parent, you may feel responsible for making each visit more important than the last. These planned visits can vary greatly depending on the court’s orders and the schedules ...
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  • 5 Things You Need To Document for Your Child Custody Case

    5 Things You Need To Document for Your Child Custody Case Issues of child custody can be complicated and challenging, especially if you and your ex do not see eye to eye. In order to make sure you have the best possible chance of obtaining the child custody arrangement you want, it’s absolutely necessary to prepare for your case ahead of time. When it comes to family law matters, what you need to do is gather the appropriate documents to present before the court. Showing the judge tangible proof of your bond with your child and your capabilities as a parent is crucial. Before you ...
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  • What Should I Do If I Think My Spouse is Hiding Assets?

    What Should I Do If I Think My Spouse is Hiding Assets? Not everyone handles the pressure of divorce well, and some will go to any means to protect what they think is theirs. Unfortunately, this sometimes means spouses will hide assets from one another in an attempt to protect those properties or funds from being divvied up in the divorce. Hiding any assets in a divorce is illegal and can have serious repercussions. Nevertheless, people continue to lie in court to try and retain certain property in a divorce. If you think your spouse may be trying to hide something during your ...
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  • 5 Strategies for a More Amicable Divorce

    5 Strategies for a More Amicable Divorce The divorce process is never easy, but there are certain things you can do to make it more amicable. There are several issues divorcing couples need to discuss and contemplate, including property division , spousal support, child support , and child custody . Disagreements are likely to occur, and when those issues come up, how you handle them will define how your divorce will play out. If you and your spouse can be civil and work together, your divorce is likely to be less stressful, less time-consuming, and easier to ...
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