McKinley Irvin Blogs from May 2019

  • 6 Divorce Myths Debunked

    6 Divorce Myths Debunked There are several misconceptions about divorce floating around, and all too often they’re passed as fact. Misinformation about divorce can alter how you approach important decisions in your own divorce process . Fortunately, you can make sure you know fact from fiction before you get too deep in the divorce process by getting your divorce information from reliable sources, such as legal organizations, state laws, and your divorce attorney. If you’re in the midst of a divorce, make sure you have all the facts about the ...
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  • Trial Separation vs. Legal Separation: What’s the Difference

    Trial Separation vs. Legal Separation: What’s the Difference During marital difficulties, taking time apart from your spouse can prove beneficial for many reasons. For some couples, taking a break can reinforce the need to communicate and make a renewed effort to make the marriage work, whereas others might realize that they’re better off starting a new path independently. Regardless of the reason, if you and your spouse are having marital problems, you may be considering a separation before you file for a divorce . However, there are different ways married couples can “separate.” ...
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  • Do I Need a Lawyer for My Divorce?

    Do I Need a Lawyer for My Divorce? If you are planning to divorce , you might wonder if you can save time or money by handling the divorce legalities yourself. Or, you might be anticipating a simple, quick divorce, so handling the process without a lawyer might seem entirely doable. Many people do handle their own divorces. However, if you have property, debts, children, own a business – or anything else you wish to protect – divorcing without a lawyer can pose a significant risk. Divorce is a legal process, the outcome of which can affect your life for years ...
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  • Can Legal Cannabis Use Affect Child Custody?

    Can Legal Cannabis Use Affect Child Custody? With the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Oregon in 2015, many new questions have popped up in reference to its use. As a result, parents throughout Oregon, and beyond, are wondering whether their legal use of marijuana could affect their child custody case. Custody battles can get vicious, which is why it’s important to evaluate every weak spot in your defenses before you begin any type of legal case with your child’s other parent. Whether you legally use cannabis or your child’s other parent does, make sure you ...
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