McKinley Irvin Blogs from September 2017

  • What to Do When You Think Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

    What to Do When You Think Your Spouse Wants a Divorce Every couple has ups and downs, but sometimes serious or reoccurring issues can lead married couples to consider a divorce. If your spouse has become cold or distant and no longer seems interested in solving the issues in your relationship, it is possible he or she is thinking about asking for a divorce. He or she may have even mentioned divorce. When you suspect your spouse wants a divorce, it is important to take a few steps away from the situation to really evaluate what you want to do before acting. Consider your ...
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  • 3 Tips for Estate Planning After a Divorce

    3 Tips for Estate Planning After a Divorce Divorce is a life-changing experience on a personal level, but it can also have a huge impact legally and financially. After the divorce process is through, there is still the very important matter of your estate plan. Chances are, as a married couple, you and your spouse shared an estate plan for your joined assets. Once you’re divorced, it is crucial that you have those documents altered. Once you’ve finalized your divorce, you should take the following steps to protect your assets and revise your estate plan. 1. Revoke ...
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  • What Are the Guidelines for Deviating from Child Support?

    What Are the Guidelines for Deviating from Child Support? Oregon maintains a set of child support guidelines meant to ensure children of divorced or separated parents each contribute to the financial welfare of their child. The state believes that each parent should share in the cost of raising and providing for their child, and child support agreements are typically set to follow these state-wide guidelines. However, there are certain circumstances where parents may deviate from these set rules because, for their situation, it would be better for the child if they committed to ...
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  • Divorce & Difficult Decisions: How to Cope

    Divorce & Difficult Decisions: How to Cope When you go through a major life change, like a divorce, it has a ripple effect that impacts many other aspects of your life. It’s no secret that the divorce process is hard on most people, but regardless of those difficulties, it is important to stay level-headed to make the necessary emotional, financial, and parenting decisions that may affect your life years into the future. If you are going through a divorce, take stock of your situation and consider the following tips to ensure you are making sensible decisions for ...
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