Life After Divorce

Posted on May 09, 2017 03:10pm
Life After Divorce

Life After DivorceGoing through a divorce can be an all-consuming ordeal. Most people find the process stressful, expensive, emotionally exhausting, and frustrating. So, after going through a divorce and coming out on the other end, how do you move forward?

Coming to terms with your newly single status can be difficult and somewhat jarring. If you have children, it can be easy to focus your time and attention on them. However, while keeping an eye on the well-being of your kids is essential, it should not be your only concern. Whether or not you have kids, it’s important to check-in with yourself during this time and stay on top of your health and wellness.

Here are a few tips for living your life after divorce:

1. Prioritize Your Emotional Wellbeing

Allow yourself to process your feelings. If you feel upset, let yourself be upset. If you get angry, let yourself be angry. Just make sure you do so in a safe environment, with close friends and family, or with a therapist. You don’t want to dwell on the past, but you also don’t want to close yourself off from what you’ve been through. Learn from the experience, and find a way to move forward with your life.

2. Be Financially Responsible

Divorce can be expensive, and even if you came out of your divorce financially stable, you are now living on a single income, which is likely a change from your previous situation with your spouse. If you do have legal fees, be sure to make a financial plan to pay them back in a timely manner, and budget where necessary. Always monitor your credit report, just in case anything comes up following your newly single status that you hadn’t prepared for.

3. Find a Healthy Routine

Studies have proven that by keeping your body healthy you can increase your energy and improve your mood. Make it a priority to eat healthy and stay active, whether that means going to yoga each morning, hitting the gym every other day, or going for a walk after dinner with your dog.

4. Keep an Eye on Any Legal Issues

While you may have rid yourself of the majority of the legal issues between you and your ex-spouse when the divorce was finalized, there are some legal matters that linger. For example, if you have children, it is likely that custody issues will come up and your current arrangement may need to be altered. You may also need to deal with a spousal support modification, unresolved property issues, or issues with your estate plan and beneficiary designations. If one of you remarries, you will likely need to reevaluate child support, child visitation, and inheritance.

5. Invest in Hobbies

Take time for yourself. Try new things, yes, but also return to some of the things you used to love doing, but perhaps let slip through the cracks. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether it’s a sporting activity, something crafty and artistic, travelling, or cooking. Pick up something you like, and make it a priority.

6. Give Yourself a Break

Not everything will be perfect; accept that. You’ve just drastically altered your life, so there will be bumps along the road and tough spots to navigate as you rediscover what life without your spouse looks like. Accept how things are, and do your best to make your life one you can enjoy.

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