McKinley Irvin Blogs from May 2017

  • What You Need to Know About Divorce & Debt

    What You Need to Know About Divorce & Debt Divorcing couples often worry about who will keep the house or the car, but not everyone is prepared to handle debt negotiations. Many American couples have debt of one kind of another, whether it be student loans, a mortgage, credit card debt, or money owed in a lawsuit. When a couple divorces, their debt is handled much like any other property, and divided based on obligation and ownership, ability to pay, your incomes, and spousal and child support. How is Debt Divided? Dividing debt in divorce is handled much like a ...
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  • What Are Temporary Orders and How Are They Used During a Divorce?

    What Are Temporary Orders and How Are They Used During a Divorce? Divorce takes time, especially when spouses cannot quickly reach an agreement on certain issues. Urgent matters involving child custody and spousal support often require an immediate decision, which can be problematic in divorces that last months or even years. To alleviate these pressing issues, temporary orders are used to address how they will be handled until a resolution is reached and the divorce is finalized. What Is a Temporary Order? Temporary orders are issued in family court, allowing decisions to be quickly made ...
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  • Life After Divorce

    Life After Divorce Going through a divorce can be an all-consuming ordeal. Most people find the process stressful, expensive, emotionally exhausting, and frustrating. So, after going through a divorce and coming out on the other end, how do you move forward? Coming to terms with your newly single status can be difficult and somewhat jarring. If you have children, it can be easy to focus your time and attention on them. However, while keeping an eye on the well-being of your kids is essential, it should not be your only concern. Whether or not ...
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