McKinley Irvin Blogs from June 2017

  • What is a Divorce Settlement Conference?

    What is a Divorce Settlement Conference? In an effort to resolve issues in a divorce case, some couples may attend a settlement conference. Divorce conferences can either be mandatory or voluntary, and sometimes take place in a courtroom under the supervision of a judge, attorney, or commissioner. Some conferences can be less formal, including only the attorneys of each spouse and the spouses themselves. These conferences, called four-way meetings, are usually held at one of the lawyers’ offices. In the conference, the spouses’ attorneys will help negotiate ...
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  • Are My Divorce Records Public?

    Are My Divorce Records Public? Most divorce records are, in fact, considered a matter of public record and are contained in the county where your divorce was issued. It may feel a little invasive to know that divorce certificates are so easily obtained and are considered, by law, a public affair. However, there are ways you can protect your personal information from prying eyes and keep your private matters just that, private. Each state has their own rules about divorce and public records, and in the state of Oregon divorce certificates are available ...
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  • School's Out: Negotiating Child Custody for the Summer

    School's Out: Negotiating Child Custody for the Summer Child custody agreements will often need to be reconfigured during the summer months to allow for the changing schedules of children and their parents. School is out, and many separated parents need to discuss daycare or summer camp options, or perhaps they need to negotiate time for extended vacations with either parent. Whatever your reason, be mindful of the timeframe you are working with. Summer is just around the corner, so plan your trips and discuss options with your co-parent sooner rather than later. To make your ...
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  • When Does a Child Need an Attorney?

    When Does a Child Need an Attorney? Family legal issues can be emotionally draining, especially for the children involved. If a child’s parents are unable to come to an agreement over the legal decisions regarding their child, particularly custody or visitation, a child lawyer may be viable option. Asking for legal representation for your child Legally, parents have the right to ask the court to appoint a lawyer to their child to fight for his or her best interest. This is especially important in cases where parents are unable to come to an agreement, and one ...
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