Rebuilding or Maintaining Friendships After a Divorce

Posted on July 26, 2016 10:48am
Rebuilding or Maintaining Friendships After a Divorce

Rebuilding or Maintaining Friendships After a Divorce

No matter what the circumstances may be, getting divorced takes a lot of your time and attention. It also can cause stress, anxiety, and is overall an emotional time. Often, this can limit the amount of mindfulness and energy that can be focused on your social life and leisure time. The divorce can also be difficult for your social circle, especially if you typically spent time with them as a couple.

All of this can affect your relationships with friends. Many people find they need to rebuild some friendships after the divorce is over.

To help, our Oregon divorce lawyers at McKinley Irvin have created a step-by-step guide that recently divorced persons may want to consider in order to rekindle friendships that are necessary for emotional growth, support, and to restore a sense of wholeness.

Step One: Recognize the Friends Who Stood By Your Side Through the Process

Once you feel emotionally ready and strong enough to surround yourself with others, consider the friends who have been part of your life for quite some time. Ask yourself, “Who was there for me during this process?” When you are ready, reciprocate that support and allow them to feel the gratefulness you have for their continuous support.

Step Two: Consider the Friends You May Have Let Go During the Marriage and Divorce

The next step is to evaluate the friends you may have lost touch with during your marriage or the divorce process. While it may seem intimidating to reach out to these them, you be surprised to learn how many of your old friends are understanding of your situation.

Step Three: Don’t Be Afraid to Make New Friends

After the divorce process, it is important you reassess your passions, desires, and personal direction. Think about the things that make you happy. Which things do you still want to accomplish? After you have answered these types of questions, pursue those new journeys, and allow yourself to make new friends along the way. You may be surprised to find that many of your new friends share common interests.

Step Four: Join a Support Group

You may take comfort in the fact that many other people around you are moving through the same emotional processes for similar reasons. Sometimes, speaking with people journeying similar paths can result in emotional recovery and the building of friendships. For this reason, it may be wise to join a divorce support group that can be there to discuss various issues with people who have also been through it.

Our Legal Team Understands Your Situation

At McKinley Irvin, we truly understand that divorce can cause a wide range of emotions to arise. That is why we are here. When you work with our team, we promise to stand by your side from beginning to end so you never have to face these challenges alone. At every step of the case, we will provide our support, compassionate attitudes, and informed legal solutions to help you obtain the future you want. If you are considering divorce, we invite you to contact our Oregon divorce attorneys at McKinley Irvin.

To speak with an Oregon divorce lawyer, call our firm, or fill out a case evaluation form online. We are ready to stand by your side.
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