Getting Divorced with Very Young Children

Posted on August 24, 2016 03:20pm
Getting Divorced with Very Young Children

Getting Divorced with Very Young Children

If you and your spouse are the parents of an infant or toddler and have decided to end your marriage, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make involves child custody and parenting time arrangements.

Young children have unique needs

There are a number of complex practical, psychological, and legal issues associated with divorce with young children. Children form close bonds with those who care for them during the first few years of their lives (usually their parents), and divorce can disrupt this process. In fact, research shows that the quality of their attachment to a caregiver is a predictor of the child’s future development as well as what problems they are likely to face in life. Thus, it is extremely important to come up with a well-conceived parenting plan that allows the child to maintain a healthy relationship with both parents if at all possible. It is essential that these matters are handled strategically from the very start.

Does the mother always get custody?

One issue that often arises in divorces involving very young children involves father’s rights. Although judges in Oregon cannot automatically assume that the mother should always gain custody of a child (especially a young child), there are still instances in which a father’s legal battle is much more difficult. At McKinley Irvin, we show no partiality based on gender – instead, we focus on the unique needs of the child and their parents, and take the time to help you come up with a parenting plan best suited to your situation. We do this by analyzing the full picture, taking into account such factors as the child’s age, their developmental pace, any special needs they may have, and much more.

Talk to Our Family Law Attorneys About Your Child Custody Matter

McKinley Irvin is regarded as one of the most reputable divorce law firms in the Pacific Northwest. If you are seeking a divorce and have a young child, you will want someone advocating for you who knows how to handle these types of delicate cases. For more than two decades, we have offered our clients exceptional legal counsel through our strategic and creative approach to family law. Our dedicated Portland family law attorneys are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and protecting your family’s well-being.

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