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Helping Same-Sex Couples with Divorce and Custody Issues

Same-sex couples in Oregon have been allowed to form registered domestic partnerships since 2008, and in 2014 were allowed the right to marry. Oregon also recognizes the marriages of same-sex couples from other states.

Ending Same-Sex Marriages or Domestic Partnerships

Along with marriage equality and recognized same-sex marriages comes the requirement of a legal divorce in order to end same-sex marriages. If you are a same-sex couple residing in Oregon and wish to dissolve your marriage or domestic partnership, you will need to go through the divorce process.

Marriages and domestic partnerships require a Portland family law attorney for matters such as divorce, property division, child custody, child support, and alimony. Even if you were not legally married, you may still need an attorney to help you protect your property if you and your spouse or partner are separating after years of living together.

Custody Issues for Same-Sex Parents

If you have a child that you have been raising together, a parenting plan will need to be established to determine parenting time and child support. Only a lawyer experienced in LGBT family law issues will be able to represent and counsel you through all of this with the best possible outcome.

Consult a Same-Sex Divorce Lawyer in Portland

McKinley Irvin can provide the knowledge and experience that you need when going through a divorce. Our lawyers are at the cutting edge of Portland family law and are knowledgeable in emerging areas such as same-sex divorce. As a premier family law firm in the region, we have a proven record of success. Many of our attorneys have been recognized by Oregon Super Lawyers® and Rising Starsâ„ , among other accolades. If you are facing a same-sex divorce or related family law issue, contact our firm for more information.

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