Rita Herrera Irvin


Clients trust our firm's skills and experience to help them achieve a better future. I devote considerable energy to making sure our clients receive the very best.

Rita Herrera Irvin

Rita Herrera Irvin is a founding partner of McKinley Irvin. Highly accomplished in both litigation and negotiation, Rita is known for her work ethic, unyielding advocacy, and clear focus. "You have to have a passion for this work," Rita says, "a willingness to fight, and fight hard, for your clients. If you don't love what you do, it is very hard to do an excellent job; I love what I do."

Rita chose to practice in the area of family law because of its challenging and dynamic nature. Her well honed negotiation and litigation skills make her well suited for this type of work. As an advocate for individuals with significant financial interests and expectations of excellence, she says "I am keenly aware of my clients' expectations concerning both personal attention and effective professional service – I share those same expectations in both my professional and personal life. From the moment I begin an interaction with a client, his or her goals become my goals. Period."

"I'm an advocate," says Rita. "And in family law each case is unique and important. Family law allows me the opportunity to be creative, to think strategically, and to focus my drive on one objective—success."

In Rita's opinion, strategic thinking is "often the difference between a good attorney and an excellent one. The same laws apply to everyone. What I do to maximize opportunities for client success is identify the objectives in our case, and then create a methodical roadmap to desired results."


  • Superior Court Family Law Commissioner Pro Tempore
  • Trustee, Tacoma Art Museum
  • Past Board Member, Centro Latino
  • Seattle University School of Law '91
  • University of Baltimore, English/Corporate Communications '87
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude '87